V Belt E

V belts are made of high performance materials that are resistant to heat and oil. Our belts are manufactured with a tough, durable, yet flexible cover, surrounding an insulating core that fuses the tensile cords to the compression section of the belt. This insures that the belts components can’t separate and that power is efficiently transferred through the v-groove of your sheave.

The part number shipped may vary from that shown here since part numbers vary among manufacturers. Contact us if you require a specific manufacturer. Volume discounts are available.1letterEClick on a Part Number below for detail information. Contact us with questions or Request a Quote.

Belt Number Weight (Approx.) Lbs. Outside Length (Inches)
E180 10.642 187
E195 11.528 202
E210 12.415 217
E240 14.189 243
E270 15.962 273
E300 17.736 303
E330 19.51 333
E360 21.283 363
E390 23.057 393
E420 24.83 423
E480 28.378 483
E540 31.925 543
E600 35.472 603

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