Regal® provides the appropriate gearbox for a variety of applications. We provide a wide array of gear types, shaft configurations, ratios, housing materials, and mounting methods including worm gear, bevel, and helical gearboxes to provide solutions for many application challenges. These gearboxes, whether you refer to them as gear reducers, gear drives, or speed reducers are found in nearly every industry and market, touching various points of manufacturing, processing, packaging, and moving material or products.

Right angle worm gear reducers and bevel gear drives can be specified for less than 100-inch lbs. of torque to over 132,000-inch lbs. of torque. Helical gear reducers are offered from 100-inch lbs. to over 500,000-inch lbs. of torque.

Parallel Shaft Gearing

The core of Regal’s parallel-shaft gearing product line is our shaft mount and concentric product offering. These products are highlighted by innovative and problem-solving designs, based on our application and industry experience. We also offer a wide array of other parallel-shaft products for application-specific and general-purpose needs.

Right Angle Gearing

Regal manufactures a broad product selection of right-angle gearing products including bevel, miter, hypoid-helical and worm options. Additional stock and custom solutions are available in various material and gearing ratio options to help you choose the proper selection for your desired solution.

Custom Gearing Solutions

Our Technology, Commercial, and Manufacturing teams partner with our customers to develop innovative custom gear drive designs optimized to the needs of the application to produce the most effective solution to demanding, critical, and high-volume needs.

Bonfiglioli is a worldwide designer and manufacturer of a complete range of gear motors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes, and inverters, which satisfy the most challenging and demanding needs in industrial automation, mobile machinery, and renewable energy. Bonfiglioli serves more industries and applications than any other drive manufacturer and is a market leader in many sectors. Established in 1956, Bonfiglioli operates in 21 countries, with 14 production facilities and over 3,800 employees worldwide. The North American headquarters, located in Hebron, KY, employs over 130 people and provides sales, customer service, engineering, technical support, plant operations, after-sales support, and quality control to customers in North and Central America.

With more than 3,600 employees, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been developing, producing and selling drive technology for more than 50 years, and is one of the global leaders of full-service providers in the industry. In addition to standard drives, NORD delivers application-specific concepts and solutions for special requirements such as energy-saving drives or explosion-protected systems. In the financial year 2017, annual sales amounted to $781 million. NORD now has subsidiaries and sales partners in 98 countries worldwide. The dense sales and service network guarantees optimal availability, enabling short delivery times and customer-oriented service. NORD produces a very diverse range of drives for torques from 88 to more than 2.2 million lb-in, provides electric motors in the power range of 0.16 to 1,341 HP, and manufactures frequency inverters with the required power electronics of up to 215 HP. Inverter solutions are available for conventional control cabinet installations as well as for decentralized, fully-integrated drive units.